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How Vitamin D Keeps You Healthy
Vitamin D Is Crucial To Your Health

Vitamin D Is Crucial To Your Health

Why All the Interest in Vitamin D?
Recently a close friend of mine showed me the results of her screening blood test her doctor had done. I was very surprised to see how very low her total Vitamin D level was. Now this is someone who loves to cook and eats well rounded meals. It just brought home the lesson of how widespread vitamin D deficiency is in this country, especially during the winter months. It's something you might not hear your doctors discuss very much.
Scientific studies show that vitamin D has a role to play in 2,000 of the genes in your body. That’s why studies suggest vitamin D has influence in so many diseases from cancer to arthritis and of course osteoporosis. In other words it’s quite clear now that this is a critical vitamin for maintaining overall good health.
What Vitamin D Does
  • It's critical for the proper absorption of calcium
  • Needed for the maintenance of good muscle strength
  • Helps to prevent falls and maintain proper balance
  • Helps prevent cancer at the cellular level by targeting cancer cells for self destruction and slowing the spread of these abnormal cells
  • Assists in immune defense mechanisms
  • Reduces inflammatory changes in blood vessels—therefore may help prevent heart disease

Who Gets Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Studies show low levels in the elderly, young children and women in general
  • More than half of those with type 2 diabetes are deficient
  • Those with darker skin complexions living in our Northern US hemisphere tend to make less vitamin D
  • In the winter months an average total Vitamin D level for the US population is well below the normal level
 How to Correct This Deficiency 
The ideal way is to get adequate sun exposure on a daily basis. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but many on cold gray January day have no way to get any sun. 
In order for you the make an adequate amount of vitamin D you would need 15 minutes of direct sun exposure to 40% of your body every day. For most of us in the USA the winter months do not allow that luxury.
Choosing the right vitamin D supplement is also key so make sure you pick the natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) form. The medical community previously recommended 400 IU daily and some experts in osteoporosis are recommending 1000 IU daily.

A Natural Supplement To Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency

Unicity's new product BONE FORTIFY
Bone Fortify gives you high amounts of vitamin d, plus calcium and the trace elements you need to keep your bones strong. A great daily preventative measure. Go to the product page and watch the video.

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