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Unicity Joint Mobility

Unicity Joint Mobility

Unicity Joint Mobility
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New Unicity Joint Mobility helps to support joint health in two ways:

One is that the product’s type II collagen (UC-II) — a supplement used to treat joint health in its original molecular structure — interacts with antibody molecules and deactivates collagen-specific T cells. When those T cells are deactivated, the enzymes responsible for joint breakdown are not released. Published studies have shown UC-II to be highly effective— two times more effective than a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are two well-known supplements commonly used for joint health. This mechanism is further enhanced with the addition of vitamin D3 found in Joint Mobility, which has a similar function in supporting healthy T cells.

Second, the turmeric and boswellia extracts in Joint Mobility help assist the joints in functioning properly. When used together, these ingredients can assist in long-term maintenance of the joints by deactivating the T cells responsible for joint breakdown. They also give the body a chance to strengthen joints.

This new product is replacing several of the old Unicity products, including Glucosamine AJF, MSM, and BMC Plus.

60 Capsules
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