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Unicity Balance Glucose

Unicity Balance Glucose

Unicity Balance Glucose
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This is the new packaging for the Bios Life Slim G. Ingredients have not changed. It helps balance, glucose, cholesterol as well as helping to reduct stored fat.

This fiber supplement has special ingredients with a specific focus on balancing blood glucose. The all-natural ingredients are a proprietary blend that improves the body's glycemic response after eating. This is particularly helpful for diabetics and people with pre-diabetes conditions who need to lose weight.
It will help you lose weight, help control the blood sugar, and lower cholesterol as well. It is sweetened with natural stevia.
Evaluated by University of Sydney in Australia -- proven to reduce the Glycemic Index of many common foods by up to 30%!
UnicityBalance For Glucose contains Neutrafiber, a type of soluble dietary fiber developed by a Fortune 100 company in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is a 100% soluble dietary fiber that is non-caloric, non-allergenic, and non-fermentable. That translates to almost no gas and bloating, which can be the unpleasant side effect of high fiber drinks.
60 Packets per box
Get about a 18% INSTANT rebate at checkout. We beat Unicity's preferred price.
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