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How To Get In The Best Shape In 13 Weeks
Join the 13 Week Transformation Program

Join the 13 Week Transformation Program

What The Transformation Program Can Do For You

What The Transformation Program Can Do For You

Sometimes it just takes MORE than working on your own to get in great shape.

What if you could be part of a 13 week program with your own coach to guide you through a program tailor made just for you? Coaching on life style, exercise, food, how to take your  products, and give you the encouragement you need to keep on going.  It's often SO HARD to do it all on your own. It take "reprogramming" your eating, exercise, portion control and other aspects of daily living.

WHAT YOU GET In Your Make Life Better (MLB) 13 Week Program*

(1) MLB Transformation Starter Kit
(1) MLB Coaching Fee
(1) MLB Transformation Tracker Fee
(3) Bios Life Slim Packets
(4) Lean Complete Vanilla
(2) LiFiber
(3) Matcha
(1) Blender Bottle
(1) MLB Transformation Duffle Bag

*There is some variation in the MLB contents depending on your state of residence or your personal needs. For example, you also can choose Bios Life Slim G instead of Bios Life Slim if controlling your blood sugar is  also an issue. In any case it includes 13 weeks worth of the products right for you.  

If you are REALLY SERIOUS of changing your life and getting that extra weight off then think about investing in 13 weeks that will help change your life. You can proceed to the next step.   

CLICK HERE for more information.  
If you sign up please use ID # 44810201 in the box during the first sign-up step.
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