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Building A Unicity Business
My Story
How I Started To Succeed In Network Marketing With Unicity

How I Started To Succeed In Network Marketing With Unicity

Hello! My name is Sylvia Seamands and I am a retired Physician. I am also a mother of one wonderful daughter and a grandmother of two. You have landed on my business page about my journey and I am glad you are here! I'm going to share the story of my Journey and how I started succeeding in my Unicity Business.

In 2005 I made a move back to Kentucky after 30 years in California. I hated leaving my daughter and her family, but my father had passed away and Mom's sight was failing badly with Macular Degeneration. She has also lost about 95% of her hearing. She needed help.

Mom at age 94 and her 4 girls

My Latest Journey Begins

I always say I retired for "five minutes" Although I love gardening - there is only so much of  it I could do! But I needed something that would allow me to be flexible with my time, allow me to tend to an aging parent turning 88, and yet keep active. I have a lifelong passion for learning and doing new things.

So what did I decide? Online businesses! Something I knew NOTHING about! But I could work from home and have flexible hours.

I had been with an MLM company for about 3 years, but never really did much with it. I decided now was the time, so I set out to take myself and my products online. I founded MarSyl LLC with my business partner in January 2006. We started more than one e-commerce store online, one of which was linked directly to my Network Marketing Business. Why did I choose Unicity and an Network Marketing Business?

My first priority was to help care for Mom. I needed time flexibility. Unicity would give me that I could work my business around times I needed to take Mom to doctor's appointments, etc. It worked really well! Each year the business grew and grew! Also, the strength of Unicity's product line and the science they have put into their products was important to me. I, along with many other physicians have aligned ourselves with Unicity because of their stong, proven products.

My Success (Almost)

I worked hard and alone for the first year and a half. I taught myself how to build web sites, how to market, how to do PPC marketing. I made every mistake in the book! At that point I did not have anyone to really guide me, to teach me a better way. It was a slow, painful process. I knew I had to do better! The online businesses were growing but not nearly as fast as I wanted. I was not getting out of the hole we dug by starting the business in the first place. And the economy was beginning to make it's slow slide into a deep recession. My retirement funds were shrinking - I must make this work!

Turning the Corner

I knew I had to get better at marketing. I began looking online for help in all sorts of areas. I picked copywriting first. Someone was selling all the materials from a workshop on ebay. I bought it at a huge discount on a Thanksgiving Day because I knew there wouldn't be many bidders out there! I still have the reference materials today.

Next I found Jim Rohn, got many of his CDs and listened to them in the car while driving. That changed my attitude about where I needed to go. Keep learning and you will get there - my new motto. However 9as Jim Rohn teaches) make corrections early and often. If you don't make a correction in a couple of years down the line you'll find yourself WAY OFF!

How Changes in Thought Can Change Your Life

I changed my thinking. If you can take one good thing from a program and apply it, then your time was not wasted. Take a nugget from here, another nugget from there, make it your own and things begin to happen. I learned from books, online courses, webinars, written materials, and even attended a couple of seminars in person.

At this point I was lucky enough to find a system that taught the principles of attraction marketing. Wow what a huge difference! You are no longer chasing after friends and family. People are coming to you! You become a problem solver.
There is a way to attract new customers by following a few ideas that anyone can learn. These ideas can also be applied not only to an MLM business, but also to any other type of business. We applied the concepts to our other online web sites with great effectiveness as well!

Fast Forward 10 Years

We lost Mom in 2014 at the age of 97. By that time the business had grown to the point we even had hired one employee. I was able to be step away from the business for a while and devote most of my time to Mom. I was present at the end of her earthly journey along with two of my sisters, my daughter and several other of her grandchildren. Unicity gave me the flexibility to do that!

Most People ( often without knowing it) ask "What's in it for me?"(WIIFM) everytime they are presented with an offer or decide to buy something. The WIIFM question drives our actions in daily life more than you think. Well, here's the deal . .

You can benefit from my years of learning and cut what was for me a slow painful journey of becoming a successful Network Marketer into a much shorter trip. It's time for me to give back and work with those interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Even if you are not sure whether Network Marketing is right for you - the principles I learned have helped me in the company's other online businesses not related to a Network Marketing Company.

Find out more about Unicity and how it can change you life.

GO HERE, and watch the video on how the business works! Then fill out the formfor more information or sign up right now!

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