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How Fish Oil Helps Keeps Your Heart Healthy
The Benefits of Fish Oil

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Do Omega-3 fatty acids really have 7 health benefits? Yes they do! Scientific studies have documented these benefits to the regular consumption of the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils. 
Omega-3 fatty acids will
  1. Raise HDL (good) cholesterol - a good thing if you want to stay heart healthy
  2. Lower your triglycerides (another fat in your blood) by 20 - 50%! That too is good for the heart
  3. Reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke by as much as 50%
  4. Lower your blood pressure
  5. Help prevent Alzheimer plaques in the brain. Your brain needs a fatty acid in fish oil to produce a plaque-fighting protein
  6. It's good for your eyes. Studies show it may help in the fight to prevent macular degeneration
  7. Have anti inflammatory properties. So what does this mean? It can help relieve morning stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis, lessen psoriasis symptoms, and may be part of the mechanism that keeps heart attacks and strokes away. 

What Kind of Fish Oils Should I Take?
I have read articles about how much better it is to get your supplements from whole foods. Well, this is one time I disagree with this advice. 

I went to the local grocery store the other day, and while looking over some nicely packaged beautiful looking fish I noticed the label said "Product of China". We know that even fish caught close to our shores have been tested as having harmful contaminates. And what about that imported fish? How closely is it tested? Why take the chance? Eating contaminated fish can put bad chemicals into your body, including Mercury, PCBs, and Dioxins. These are all highly toxic chemicals. 

I advise taking a supplement that is a high quality fish oil. Toxic impurities must be tested for and removed. Even the US Government has recommended to limit fatty fish consumption in adults to 12 ounces/ week and young children to 2 oz a week. 

How Much to Take?
You should not take more than 3 grams a day of Omega-3 fatty acids, and under ordinary conditions it is best to stay at 2 grams a day (or below) to give that added safety margin.  

Are There Any Side Effects? 
For those who have to take a prescription blood thinner, Omega-3 should not be added as a supplement without talking to your doctor. Fish Oils have an effect on platelet stickiness, and if taken with blood thinners your blood tests may show a longer clotting time. 

Very high doses of fish oils may supress the immune system, but should not be a problem if you take less than the 3 grams a day established as a safe amount. 

OmegaLife-3 is Unicity’s Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil. All harmful contaminates have been tested for and removed! OmegaLife-3 contains 800 mg of EPA, 400 mg of DHA with a total of 2000 mg of total fish oil on a daily basis. This is well within the recommended guidelines of the FDA. Oh, and it doesn't have a "fishy" aftertaste either. Get started today. It's great to know that quality of OmegaLife-3 is highly purified and safe. Visit the Heart Health page for more details.
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