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Benefits of CoEnzyme Q10
Protect Your Body From Free Radical Damage

Protect Your Body From Free Radical Damage

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a potent antioxidant that protects the body against the effects of free radicals. Many studies have shown it effective for heart conditions such as congestive heart failure, conditions where the heart muscle functions poorly (cardiomyopathy), diabetes, and even diseases where the immune system has been weakened (such as HIV/AIDS). CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that protects the body against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals damage healthy tissue in many ways. 

CoQ10 may help in people with heart failure. Adding CoQ10 to prescribes medications may healp the heart to be a more efficient pump. CoQ10 supplements may help by reducing fluid in the lungs and leg swelling caused by the heart failure. This in turn makes it easier for heart failur patients to breathe. But not all studies are positive. If you are on several medications for heart failure it's best to talk to your daoctor before adding CoQ10. Sometimes there may be an unwanted interadtion with the prescribed medications. Coq10 should never be used by itself to treat heart failure.

Some studies show taking CoQ10 before open heart surgery may lower damage caused by free radicals, improve heart function, and even may lower the occurrence of arrhythmias (irregular heart beats) after surgery.

But there is an increasing body of evidence that CoQ10 also can play a role in reducing the bad side effects of statin drugs of muscles weakness and pain. This side effect of the statin drugs can be a very serious outcome and can result in having to stop taking the statins. In 2007 the American Journal of Cardiology reported on a double blind study where patients in the group treated with CoQ10 had much less problem with muscle pain and weakness, and stopped the statin drugs less often. 

You might be asking why I am bringing this up when our website sells a natural alternative to statin drugs? Yes, that is absolutely true, but there will always be people who cannot get their cholesterol down to desirable levels with Bios Life alone. And if statins are necessary, then consider adding CoQ10 to your daily regimen.  

Cardio Essentials is an excellent supplement because it contains 100 mg. of CoQ10. I like this formula because the scientific studies were done with doses of at least 100 mg of Coenzyme Q10. Cardio Essentials also contains other substances shown to improve heart function by strengthening the heart muscle. 
We also have CoQ10 by itself, a less expensive alternative that contains 30 mg per capsule. If on statins and you suffer from muscle weakness or discomfort this might not be enough to help the muscles aching and weakness symptoms. Talk to your health care provider about taking CoQ10 if you are on statins.
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