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The last product to be introduced in the family of Bios Life Slim products was the Slim G. This product has the same fiber base as the Bios Life Slim. However, in addition Nutrafiber has been added as well.  This type of fiber is a 100% soluble dietary fiber that results is a lot less if the gassy, bloating feeling the some get with over-the-counter fiber drinks that can be had at the local drug store.

In collaboration with the University of Sydney studies showed that nutrafiber was capable of reducing the glycemic index of common foods up to 30%. That is great news for diabetics that are trying to lose weight, or for those with metabolic syndrome with a fasting blood sugar higher than it should be. I recommend this product as the first choice people trying to lose weight and control blood sugar.

I do tell customers that if you are diabetic and on medication you should be monitoring your blood sugar closely. I know that many don't follow this advice as much as they should. However,when you begin on your regimen of Bios Life Slim G twice daily it is really important to test those blood sugars regularly. You may need the medications adjusted. The blood sugar is likely to start showing less high peaks and may come under better control. You don't want the blood sugar going too low.

Over the course of 2-3 months those with both diabetes and weight problems may find their weight loss being accompanied by better diabetic control. Some on oral medications have found in time they don't need medication. This is not a promise but a possibility for the type 2 diabetics, especially those with the mild form on oral medications only.
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