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  1. The last product to be introduced in the family of Bios Life Slim products was the Slim G. This product has the same fiber base as the Bios Life Slim. However, in addition Nutrafiber has been added as well.  This type of fiber is a 100% soluble dietary fiber that results is a lot less if the gassy, bloating feeling the some get with over-the-counter fiber drinks that can be had at the local drug store.

    In collaboration with the University of Sydney studies showed that nutrafiber was capable of reducing the glycemic index of common foods up to 30%.
  2. With this new website we are able to have a separate blog page and hear from our customers! We're going to start out 2013 right, and begin the blog directly associated with the web site.

    First let's look back on this year. This actually brings to a CLOSE our 7th year in business.  We started on the "old" web sites January of 2006. We grew slowly at first, but thanks to our loyal customers we have been able to grow every year since we started, despite a downturn in the economy.
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