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Bios Life Products
Bios Life Slim, Unicity Balance and Other Bios Life Products

Bios Life Slim, Unicity Balance and Other Bios Life Products


Unicity Balance (replaces Bios Life Slim) and Unicity Balance Glucose (replaces Bios Life Slim G)
 are the most recent additions to the Bios Life family. Both products have all the cholesterol-lowering ability of the Bios Life C formula, but with additional ingredients to help you lose that stored fat.  Lose inches, lose pounds with these products.

Over the years Unicity has refined and advanced the Bios Life formulas. The original formula for lowering cholesterol naturally was Bios Life 2. It reduced cholesterol by blocking the reabsorption of cholesterol back into the blood stream from the intestine. Next Bios Life C was introduced. This product lowered cholesterol 4 different ways, and last Bios Life Slim (now called Balance in the packet form. You can still buy the Slim name in the bulk Canister. Slim and Balance have the same ingredients).
Bios Life Products and Product Packs

Bios Life Products and Product Packs

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Bios 7Bios 7Has all the ingredients of the Bios Life Slim plus microbiome to promote healthy bacteria. Extra ingredients to help keep blood sugar level too.
Bios Life C PacketsBios Life C PacketsClinically proven to lower cholesterol on average 31%, this new Bios Life formulation tastes great. Reducing cholesterol reduces a major cardiovascular disease risk factor. 60 packets per box. Free Shipping 
Bios Life2 - NaturalBios Life2 - NaturalBios Life2 Natural Flavor Canister. About 60 servings. Free shipping
Matcha EnergyMatcha EnergyMatcha is loaded with antioxidants and is a super energy drink. Comes in ready-to-mix packets, 30 per box. Free shipping
Matcha FocusMatcha FocusReady-to-mix packets come loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and catechins, a formula combined to boost energy and mental focus. This product will ship direct from Unicity. Free ground shipping.
Unicity Balance CholesterolUnicity Balance CholesterolReplaces Bios Life Slim Packets-new name, new packaging but the same product. Balance your system, lose stored fat. Free Shipping.
Unicity Balance GlucoseUnicity Balance GlucoseReplaces Bios Life Slim G Packets-new name, new packaging but the same product. Helps balance glucose, cholesterol and reduce stored fat. Free Shipping. FREE BLENDER 
Unicity Core PackUnicity Core PackCombine three products-Balance Cholesterol, Matcha Energy, and Complete Vanilla meal replacement. FREE SHIPPING 
UnimateUnimateStart your day with extra energy and motivation. Unimate will help with that. FREE SHIPPING
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