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How Bios Life2 works to reduce cholesterol
All About Bios Life2

All About Bios Life2

Research has shown that dietary fiber can in fact block the synthesis of cholesterol within the body along with prevent the re-absorption of bile acids in the small intestinal tract. Addititionally there is data to point out that soluble fibers might help slow the absorption of carbs and glucose within the intestinal system. Bios Life2 is actually a specific fiber complex of guar gum, locust bean gum, pectin, oat fiber, and gum acacia.

By eating a diet that's lower in saturated fats and cholesterol and higher in vegetables and fruit as well as Bios Life2 (an excellent source of  fiber) you may reduce your blood cholestrerol levels and lower your potential for cardiovascular disease. Bios Life2 contains an exclusive matrix of fibers. 

One more vital compound in Bios Life2 is ChromeMate, a special form of the fundamental nutrient chromium. It includes oxygen-coordinated, niacin-bound chromium (polynicotinate), which is actually a very bio-available type of this nutrient.

Bios Life2 can also help suppress your hunger by providing you a nice full feeling when taken before you eat. Bios Life2 is an all-natural strategy to overcome your hunger while nourishing your system with significant vitamins and minerals required for many body systems. Bios Life2 includes antioxidant vitamin supplements C and E, which have been shown to guard cells from free radical injury. What's more, it provides crucial vitamins like beta-carotene, calcium, zinc, plus a complex of B vitamins that enhance the body's all around health and well-being.

Science of Fiber
Fiber includes a range of ingredients indigestible from the human intestinal tract, whereas proteins, fats and carbohydrates are almost entirely assimilated within the small intestine. Fiber includes insoluble and soluble elements.

Insoluble dietary fiber can be found in vegetables and fruit. It forms the tough, chewy feel of food like whole wheat kernels, nuts and popcorn and is also located primarily within the cell walls such as strands that provide support to plant structure.

Soluble fibers are located in grain and legumes and give the mushy feel to specific cereal products. Soluble fibers can attract water (hydrophilic) and form jelly-like masses that work partly as solids and are also easily fermented by intestinal microbes. Soluble fibers lessen digestive tract transit time and also have a lubricating influence on the bowel.

Soluble fibers can help decrease levels of cholesterol by protecting against the reabsorption of bile acids from your small intestinal tract. To restore the missing bile acids, cholesterol is drawn from your body, thus decreasing its cholesterol source. 2nd, the fermentation process within the intestinal tract creates short-chain fatty acids that obstruct the synthesis of cholesterol.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What type of chromium is in Bios Life2?
A. ChromeMate (a patented, very bio-available kind of niacin-bound chromium) is available in Bios Life 2. Chromium is an important trace mineral necessary for ordinary protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolic processes. ChromeMate contains under 2 mg of niacin and won't trigger flushed skin as well as other negative effects related to higher amounts of niacin.

Q. We've been hearing a good deal about the benefits of barley fiber, an ingredient in Bios Life 2, and the beta glucans it consists of. What exactly are beta glucans and just what are their benefits?
A. Beta glucans are the soluble fiber components of barley and oat bran. They have gotten a lot of attention from the press because of clinical reviews identifying them as the agent in barley and oat bran that can reduce blood cholesterol and stimulate the immune system.

Q. Will I get any side effects by introducing of Bios Life2 into my diet?
A. Adding fiber supplements to a diet currently lower in dietary fiber might cause temporary diarrhea or constipation. If diarrhea happens, reduce the quantity of Bios Life2 you are now using and reintroduce it slowly into the diet regime using one-half scoop or per serving. Due to the fact soluble fiber pulls water into it (hydrophilic), constipation might occur. If this happens, raise your water intake and reduce your quantity of Bios Life2. Then, go back and intoduce more substantial portions slowly to your diet regime. Fiber requires water to function and also a standard diet plan ought to include 8 or even more glasses of water daily.

Q. Just what does the U symbol stand for on the Bios Life2 Natural label?
A. The coveted U symbol on the Bios Life2 Natural label means the product is certified by the Orthodox Union of Rabbis. This symbol assures you that Bios Life2  Natural meets the strict criteria of a certified kosher product. CLICK HERE to go to the Bios Life Natural product.
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