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Bios 7

Bios 7

Bios 7
Bios 7 Ingredients
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Bios 7 is Unicity’s premier metabolic health product for people that live in a glucose-infused world. Bios 7 inherited all the benefits of Bios Life Slim, plus additional ingredients that support a healthy microbiome. Bios 7 combines the power of our newly patented fiber matrix with other important nutrients that when taken consistently and correctly, promote overall wellness and serve as daily nutritional insurance. Take twice daily 10-15 minutes before your 2 biggest meals in 8 oz of water milk or other beverage.


  1. Promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria to support a healthy digestive tract
  2. Encourages post-prandial blood glucose level and insulin response
  3. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  4. Supports healthy plasma cholesterol levels
  5. Promotes satiety
  6. Supports healthy blood lipid levels
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