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About Me
My Story

My Story

Hello, My name is Sylvia Seamands. I am a retired physician and the proud mother of a wonderful daughter and grandmother of two.


In 2005 I decided to retire from Medicine and made a move back to Kentucky after 30 years in California. I hated leaving my daughter and her family, but my father had passed away and Mom's sight was failing badly with Macular Degeneration. She has also lost about 95% of her hearing as well. She needed help.

I always say I retired for "five minutes" Although I love gardening - there is only so much of that I could do! But I needed something that would allow me to be flexible with my time, allow me to tend to an aging parent who was turning 90, and yet keep active. I have a lifelong passion for learning and doing new things.

I had been associated with Unicity International for about 3 years, but had not looked into really promoting their products. I began to read up on the science of the Bios Life products and their ability to lower cholesterol. Since about 25% of people who try and take the Statin drugs seems to have side effects this looked like a good alternative choice. I was impressed at the science they had behind their products. I teamed with Unicity because of the quality of their products, their commitment to research, education, and the development of the new formulations that meet current and growing health concerns. Unicity has partnered with medical professionals, nutritional scientists, researchers, and experts around the world.

Many physicians are quick to give advice like “take this pill and come back in a couple of months” even when the cholesterol is not that high. Unless the cholesterol is really dangerously high, lowering cholesterol should be a step-wise process.

Step 1-Change the diet to less fat, lower cholesterol foods.

Step 2- Add Bios Life twice a day before the two biggest meals.

Step 3-If the above two really don’t work, THEN add Statin drugs.

My mission is to provide you with quality products to support a healthier life style.  
Our company is built on the principle of making a positive difference in the lives of others.
Thanks for visiting our site.

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