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Women's Formula Plus

Women's Formula Plus

Women's Formula Plus
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Scientifically formulated to support women's breast health, Women's Formula Plus features a patented form of calcium D-Glucarate, which naturally supports the body's ability to eliminate toxins and other adverse substances. Women's Formula Plus also contains a proprietary blend of beneficial herbs and nutrients to promote cellular health and help maintain bone density. It is also rich in calcium. 

Daily Wellness 
1–  Nutritionally formulated with calcium D-Glucarate 
2–  Promotes cellular health 
3–  Supports the body's immune function 

D-Glucarate helps to deactivate or block an enzyme that allows these potentially damaging chemicals to remain in your body. Once blocked, toxic substances that have been deactivated become water soluble and then can be eliminated from your body via the kidneys and bladder. 

Studies show that in populations that consume a high-fat diet, women are more likely to lose their lives from breast-related health issues than women in populations that consume a low-fat diet.  Studies also show that certain vitamins may decrease a woman's risk of breast-related health issues, especially premenopausal women at high risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. Why should I take Women's Formula Plus? 
A. This exclusive product contains calcium D-Glucarate, a patented, innovative ingredient along with a specialized combination of herbs and nutrients to support female breast health. 

Q. Can I use Women's Formula Plus if I am taking medication or undergoing medical treatment? 
A. The ingredients in Women's Formula Plus are safe dietary ingredients that offer nutritional benefits from herbs and nutrients but, as always, you should consult with your health care professional prior to using any new products. 

Q. Is this product safe for females under the age of 18? 
A. Women's Formula Plus can be taken by females of all ages to support breast health. Scientifically formulated with calcium D-Glucarate, Women's Formula Plus supports the body's natural defense and cleansing processes.

60 capsules

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