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Super Green™

Super Green™

Super Green™
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Introducing new Super Green to the Unicity family of products. Unicity has changed the name from Super Chlorophyll Powder™ to Super Green™. Same amazing product – new source and new name.

Super Green™ uses a proprietary source of chlorophyll derived from European grown alfalfa. Unicity has recently engaged in an alliance with a company in Europe that uses organic techniques to harvest and cultivate alfalfa for preparing our chlorophyll ingredients. This change will enhance the quality, consistency and solubility of the ingredients used in Super Green™.

Super Green™ uses Chlorophyllin, a water soluble form of chlorophyll commonly used in supplements. In scientific studies, chlorophyllin has been shown to protect DNA from known mutagens and research studies have revealed it to be an effective antioxidant. Some individuals have even used chlorophyll as an alkalizing agent to maintain pH levels and whole-body well-being.

Make a healthy choice today and try Unicity's Super Green™.

Q. I eat lots of green vegetables, do I gain additional benefits by taking chlorophyll supplements?
A. Certain green vegetables such as spinach are excellent sources of chlorophyll. For individuals that are time constrained, don’t eat enough green vegetables, or would like further supplementation, we recommend taking Super Green™.

Q. Is there any risk associated with taking chlorophyll supplements?
A. Chlorophyll has been used for decades without adverse effects. Pregnant and nursing mothers should ask their doctor to see if this product is right for them.

Q. How much should I take?
A. One serving size (found on the bottle) per day is the recommended amount.

Q. When should I use Super Green™?
A. Super Green™ is best taken before any meal.

45 servings per container

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