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Stress Aid

Stress Aid

Stress Aid
Stress Aid Ingredients
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Stress Aid, a natural stress formula of vitamins and special herbs, is a powerful and winning formula. It can help meet the increased personal nutritional needs of your body. This formula is designed to supplement your body's demands during strenuous physical exercise, dieting, lack of sleep, or just during the everyday pressures of earning a living. Each preservative-free capsule delivers 100% natural ingredients to also help replenish valuable nutrients depleted by the stress of sickness, surgery, infections, over-work, and fatigue. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will this product make me drowsy?
A. Stress Aid contains B-vitamins, which naturally yield energy as well as herbs that relax you. This product will not cause drowsiness. 

Q. Is this more of a multivitamin than a relaxing herbal mixture? 
A. Stress Aid is both a multivitamin and an herbal formulation for stress relief. 

Q. Should I replace my multivitamin with this supplement? 
A. Although Stress Aid contains a vitamin blend, it does not replace a full complement of daily nutrients (i.e. the Core Pack).

60 capsules

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