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Prostate TLC™

Prostate TLC™

Prostate TLC™
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Prostate TLC is an innovative supplement that combines many of the best natural substances known to man for promoting prostate health. During a man's lifetime, the prostate undergoes changes that can eventually lead to health challenges. For instance, prostate enlargement is a common condition that can cause urination problems and other discomforts, particularly in men over age 40. Fortunately, medical scientists have demonstrated that the prostate is responsive to nutritional substances, such as certain compounds in tomatoes. 

The National Cancer Institute has reported that DHT (dihydro-testosterone), a form of testosterone, plays a role in prostate enlargement and is believed to be involved in the development of other prostate problems. Scientists believe prostate enlargement may be controlled by regulating levels of DHT.

Unicity's Prostate TLC contains several remarkable ingredients that support prostate health. Alphastat™ is a patented compound that combines two ingredients (saw palmetto and astaxanthin) currently being studied for their effects on male prostate health, including DHT regulation. Other important ingredients in this formulation include lycopene, stinging nettle root, selenium, and pumpkin seed oil.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can younger men take Prostate TLC as an aid in maintaining prostate health?
A. Yes, it can be taken by men of all ages to maintain prostate health.

Q. How much selenium is in Prostate TLC?
A. Each serving (1 capsule) contains 25 mcg of high-selenium yeast.

Q. What is the active compound in the saw palmetto contained in Prostate TLC? How much of that active compound is provided in the daily serving of two softgel capsules?
A. The saw palmetto extract's active ingredient is fatty acids. Each Prostate TLC softgel capsule contains saw palmetto fruit extract standardized to provide 160 mg of fatty acids, so the daily amount provided is 320 mg of fatty acids.

Q. If a man is older and he has an existing prostate condition, can he take more than what is recommended?
A. We can recommend only what is on the label.

120 softgels

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