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Nature's Tea - Unsweetened

Nature's Tea - Unsweetened

Nature's Tea - Unsweetened
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A blend of traditional Chinese and American herbs, Nature's Tea aids the body's natural ability to cleanse toxins, combining efficient cleansing action as part of a weight management program. 

When combined with proper nutrition and a conscientious exercise program, Nature's Tea gives the body the nutritional support it needs to cleanse and slim itself for improved health and appearance. Freeways operate most efficiently when traffic flows smoothly. When traffic slows down due to overcrowding or traffic obstructions, congestion occurs. The result is a traffic jam that can back up cars for miles. The same is true of the intestinal tract. 
The colon functions properly when bowel transit is accomplished with regularity. Constipation becomes a problem when transit time is slowed, bringing with it numerous health concerns. Sometimes the body's systems need a little help to get things moving again, and Nature's Tea supports this natural process. Proper intestinal function is an important aspect of any program designed to help the body manage weight. 

What Nature's Tea Can Do For You
  • Naturally helps your body cleanse itself of toxins and unwanted substances
  • Supports normal digestive function
  • Nourishes the intestinal, urinary and immune system
  • Promotes good nutrient absorption
  • Helps your body eliminate excess water

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can pregnant women take the tea? 
A. It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. 

Q. Can I take the tea more than once a day? 
A. It is recommended to be taken only once a day. 

30 individually wrapped tea bags per box 

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