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Liver Essentials

Liver Essentials

Liver Essentials
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Liver Essentials supports a healthy liver, spleen and bile system with natural ingredients combined into a successful proprietary formula.

This private formula combines cutting-edge ingredients into a special natural supplement aimed towards making certain the liver has the help it needs to work as an effective protector of your system's health.

The liver is really an organ which is most important in defending the body from dangerous elements. It is a careful gatekeeper to your heart and blocks detrimental compounds from reaching the body's most crucial organs. As a key element of your system's detoxification function, an adequately functioning liver also aids all other bodily internal organs and processes in performing more effectively. Ensuring that this faithful gatekeeper gets the elements and support it requires to work properly will give the safety and security our bodies need to feel their best.

What it can do for you: 
When the liver functions well all the other systems and organs work better. The liver, which plays an essential function in detoxing, properly protects the heart by making sure harmful substances are taken out of the blood long before they actually ever get to that critical organ. In addition, the liver is working closely with the lungs, skin, colon, and kidneys in removing waste products. This is another significant component of overall health. 

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis): 
Chinese stories claim that this favorite tea helps the entire body as a major antioxidant. 

Milk Thistle Fruit Complex: 
Milk thistle has been utilized historically for internal functions and boosts health of the liver, bile ducts, and spleen. This proprietary complex has been shown to supply antioxidant defense and aids in stabilizing cell membranes of the liver. 

This essential component provides antioxidant protection which is involved in the body's detoxification functions. 

A common favorite, this ingredient includes antioxidant potential for protection against free radical harm. 

The heaviest gland of the body - the liver - weighs about three pounds in the typical adult and is the second biggest organ of the body. (The skin is the body's largest organ.) The liver is mainly responsible for many crucial functions. The liver performs an important role in maintaining normal blood glucose levels. When blood glucose levels are low, the liver takes over and breaks down glycogen to glucose then releases it into the system. The liver is also equipped to convert certain amino acids, lactic acids, and additional sugars, such as fructose and galactose, into glucose. 

The liver also reduces essential fatty acids into acetyl coenzyme A (an activity called beta oxidation), stores triglycerides, and changes excess acetyl coenzyme A into ketone bodies (ketogenesis). Also, the liver synthesizes lipoproteins, which transfer fatty acids, triglycerides, and cholesterol back and forth from various body cells. 

The liver plays a vital purpose in protein metabolic processes that also include crucial procedures like transamination, synthesizing plasma proteins, and converting toxic ammonia into urea, a much less toxic substance. Urea is then excreted within the urine. The liver also absorbs bilirubin and secretes it into the bile. Bile is subsequently metabolized in the intestine by bacteria and eliminated from the body through bowel functions. 

The liver also can serve as a storage area for vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K, as well as copper and iron. Iron is released from your liver when it is needed throughout the body.

90 capsules

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