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LiFiber is a psyllium-based powder drink that includes 29 different herbs which supply both insoluble fiber and the soluble fiber. The psyllium base provides eight times more soluble fiber than oat bran. The powder can be added to water, juice, or other beverage you choose.

This balanced formula supplies 5.6 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber per 10 gram serving. Dietary fiber acts as if it had zero calories and is found only in plant sources.

Here is what LiFiber can do for you:
  • Assists in meeting your weight loss goals--by providing you with a "full" feeling
  • May help maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level
  • Helps cleans the colon by helping sweep away toxins and other wastes
Another great benefit of LiFiber is that it has FOS, a substance derived from chicory root, a naturally occurring sweet substance that can't be digested by human digestive enzymes. But FOS is mainly used as a food source for "friendly" intestinal bacteria, such as Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria. (ProBionic is an excellent companion product to LiFiber)

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. If I am already taking Bios Life 2, Can I still take this product? 
A. It is suggested that we take in over 30 grams of fiber daily. You can certainly get the fiber from multiple sources, such as the Bios Life 2 and the LiFiber. 

Q. Will this product make me feel bloated? 
A. LiFiber is an herbal fiber blend that promotes a healthy digestive system. While you may feel full, you should not feel "bloated." 

1 lb canister 

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