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Lean Control System

Lean Control System

Lean Control System
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The Lean Control System combines the following 4 products for fast weight loss:
  • ChitoRich
  • EquaLean
  • PowerBurn
  • Cleanse Tea

Whether you're carrying around a handful of extra pounds or dozens of extra pounds, you've probably discovered that few things are more discouraging than trying to lose weight. For many, dieting can be an exhausting and disappointing experience, leaving you with little hope of ever reaching your weight management goals.

At Unicity, our mission is simple: Develop revolutionary weight management systems that produce noticeable results and improve overall health. By combining cutting-edge science and technology with the highest-quality natural ingredients, Unicity offers systems that work. These systems cleanse your body and help your system absorb less fat and starch, enhance your metabolism to burn excess fat and calories, and help your body build lean muscle mass. We understand that people who struggle with weight loss need simple, easy, and effective solutions that can help them successfully lose weight and keep it off for good!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can the Lean Control system be taken at the same time as other weight loss supplements?
A: This system contains Power Burn capsules, and it is not recommended that you use Power Burn with any other products that contain caffeine, or other stimulants.

Q: What Stimulants does the Lean Control system contain?
A: This system includes Power Burn capsules, and Power Burn provides some ingredients that contain naturally occurring caffeine. The ingredients in Power Burn include guarana, black tea, yerba mate, and cacao-almond combination extract.

Q: Are there any products that should not be consumed at the same time as the Lean Control Plus system?
A: The AM/Noon packets of the system contain EquaLean. Avoid taking Enzygen™ or any other product that contains digestive enzymes at the same time as the AM/Noon packets, because the enzymes will break down the EquaLean® contained in the packets. It is recommended that you wait four hours after taking the AM/Noon packets before you take any enzymes.

Q: Since this system contains ChitoRich, do other supplements containing fat-soluble nutrients need to be taken at separate times?
A: Because ChitoRich affects the body's metabolism of fat, it is recommended that ChitoRich be taken at least two hours apart from any fat-soluble supplements.

Q: Can I take Cleanse Tea and Nature's Tea at the same time?
A: Because of their cleansing action, it is recommended that you take the two teas on different days. Take Cleanse Tea on one day and Nature's Tea the next day.

Q: Can the Lean Control Plus system be given to children or teenagers who have a weight problem?
A: This system is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 or for pregnant or lactating women. Read package labeling carefully before consuming products.

30 day supply

No longer available
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