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Enzygen Plus

Enzygen Plus

Enzygen Plus
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Enzygen provides our bodies with the proper levels of active enzymes in order to have good digestive function. While enzymes occur naturally in our bodies and in many plants, they can be destroyed by pesticides, pollution, some processes used to cook foods, and chemical additives.

Your body relies on properly functiong enzymes to assist with breathing, digestion, growth, blood coagulation and a whole host of other functions. In digestion, enzymes liberate nutrients from food in the cells and break down nutrients that become the building blocks for cell growth and regeneration. Proper enzyme levels are crucial to a healthy body. To provide a balanced blend of specific enzymes to help break down foods in digestion, Enzygen includes the following enzymes:

Lipase to break down oils and fats
Cellulase to help break down fibers
Amylase to help break down starches
Lactase to break down dairy products
Protease to help break down proteins

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Enzygen contains lactase. If I'm lactose intolerant, can I take Enzygen?
A: Yes. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugars) in dairy products. Insufficient amounts of the enzyme in the small intestine means that the lactose will not break down properly, will sit in the colon undigested, and lead to fermentation, diarrhea, and pain. Enzygen will actually help a person with this type of intolerance.

Q: Can I take Enzygen while taking Bios Life?
A: Yes, it is formulated to work in combination and will not break down the dietary fibers in Bios Life. However, it is recommended you take Enzygen one hour before or four hours after consuming Bios Life to get good absorption of the Enzygen.

Q: What are enzymes?
A: Enzymes are proteins that break down the food you eat into their basic building blocks: carbohydrates to simple sugars, proteins to amino acids and fats to glycerol and triglycerides. These simple components are then absorbed into your system and used to build new molecules your body needs.

90 capsules

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