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ChloroPlasma Plus

ChloroPlasma Plus

ChloroPlasma Plus
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ChloroPlasma Plus is naturally harvested Blue-Green Algae(spirulina). Blue-green algae are one-celled plants that have been growing in the ocean for thousands of years. Only recently has this protein-packed food source become recognized in the scientific and health communities as a miraculous source of nutrition. ChloroPlasma provides one of the richest sources of important minerals and nutrients your body needs to achieve total well-being.

Blue-green algae are up to 76 percent protein and are an excellent source of chlorophyll, minerals, the B vitamins and beta-carotene. The blue-green algae found in ChloroPlasma are harvested only from seawater cultivation, an advantage over similar products currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this a supplement that would be appropriate for the entire family? 
A: Anyone can benefit from ChloroPlasma. 

Q:What are the benefits of supplementing with a product of this nature? 
A: ChloroPlasma yields many benefits as a whole-food supplement, including antioxidant content, mineral content and aiding in digestive health.

60 capsules
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