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Cellular Essentials

Cellular Essentials

Cellular Essentials
Cellular Essential Ingredients
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Cellular Essentials combines Bio-C and Cardio Basics together for better heart health.

Cardio Basics is a multivitamin and amino acid product, particularly designed for reducing atherosclerotic plaque build-up in our arteries. It has been studied together with Bio-C in patients with atherosclerosis, and cleaning of the arteries can be observed after a few month of product use. Carotid patients also benefit by taking this product. It is theorized that cardiovascular disease is primarily a chronic deficiency of vitamins and minerals 

Your cardiovascular system is comprised of millions of cells that must be properly nourished and energized in order to function properly. Poor nutrition, age, and trauma may adversely affect the function of these cells. Taken regularly, Cellular Essentials provides the building blocks for a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. It is water soluble and works together with the body to fight off dangerous free radicals. Because of its antioxidant properties it can be beneficial in preventing a large number of health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease (in particular myocardial infarction), cancers, cataracts, atheroscelerosis, osteoarthritis, etc. 

Bio-C combines vitamins with bioflavonoids, that are known to enhance the absorption of vitamin C. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. Who should take Cellular Essentials? 
A. Anyone who would like to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Q. Why are these products any better than a regular multivitamin? 
A. Cellular Essentials was formulated specifically to address the concerns of cardiovascular health. Bio-C has a spectrum of vitamin C to help maximum absorption. Cardio-Basics provides a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that were specifically chosen for their ability to help keep the arteries healthy.

Bio-C 60 tablets; Cardio Basics 60 tablets

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