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Cardio Essentials

Cardio Essentials

Cardio Essentials
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Cardio Essentials contains a formula that is exclusive to the Unicity Network. Many nutritional supplements contain some Coenzyme Q-10, but in amounts that may not be as effective. Studies show it takes a daily intake of 100 mg of Co Q-10 to be effective in improving heart function.

Some of the reasons people use Co Q-10 are:

Heart Failure--some studies have shown low levels of Co Q-10 in heart failure patients. Studies have also suggested improvement of the shortness of breath, fluid accumulation and sleeplessness that comes with heart failure. Co Q-10 increases the energy production of the heart
Cardiomyopathy--a condition where the heart muscle and the heart itself enlarges but is weak. It eventually leads to heart failure. Some studies have indicated improved heart function when Co Q-10 was given.
Statin drugs--these drugs may lower the body's Co Q-10 production. Studies are still ongoing as to whether taking Co Q-10 will reverse this trend. However, those who have the combination of heart failure, diabetes AND take statins may be particularly at risk. Taking Cardio Essentials may be beneficial.
Diabetes--some researchers have suggested Co Q-10 may be of benefit in diabetics, those with Parkinson's disease and those with high blood pressure.

Cardio Essentials also contains

L-carnitine, an important biological substance found in heart and skeletal muscle, has been shown to diminish in individuals with heart disorders.
L-taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid made in the body from cysteine.
Hawthorn is an herb that has been used in Europe for centuries to support heart health.

Together all these ingredients combine to make a winning combination to support the heart

180 capsules

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