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Calmplex 2000

Calmplex 2000

Calmplex 2000
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Calmplex 2000 is a homeopathic medicine for the relief of everyday stress and simple nervous tension. Calmplex creates a natural relaxing sensation.
  • A safe natural defense against stress or insomnia
  • No habit forming ingredients
  • A blend of seven natural active ingredients
  • Chewable, quick dissolve tablet gets right to work
  • Forms a potent system defense
  • Prevents the bad consequences of chronic stress on your body
Ideal for Daily Use
No side effects to worry about
No drowsiness
Works to cause subtle body changes to help you achieve balance and harmony
Calms your system

One tablet up to 3 times daily for stress or 2 at bedtime for insomnia

60 chewable tablets

Buy 2 for free shipping

This product is no longer available as Unicity has stopped making Calmplex
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