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CM Cream

CM Cream

CM Cream
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Joint health CM Plex supports joint health with a proprietary blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, and other cetyl esters. These compounds have been shown to help penetrate and hydrate the joints and increase mobility, encouraging a more active lifestyle.

Joint healthis key to wellness. After all, it’s difficult to feel healthy when the very act of walking hurts! Keeping your joints strong, agile, and flexible is a priority for people wanting to live life to its fullest. When joints, which are made up of connective tissue, receive natural, effective support, the difference is amazing. 

CM Plex and CM Plex Cream have been studied in two groups of osteoarthritis patients. The subjects had to do exercises that are considered easy for healthy people, but can be very painful for patients. In both studies patients experienced clear benefits in reduction of discomfort and resulting in improved range-of-motion and joint mobility. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. Will CM Plex™ lose its effectiveness with continuous use? 
A. The bones and joints are active structures, constantly creating new tissue and breaking down old. A healthy, varied diet profoundly affects this ongoing process. As with any other component of our nutrition, CM Plex™ can assist the body at any and all adult stages in life. 

Q. Can this product be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers? 
A. As with many other nutritional supplements, it is not recommended that a pregnant woman or nursing mother use CM Plex™ 

Q. Has any human research been done on the ingredients contained in CM Plex™? 
A. Yes. In fact, a human clinical study, presented at a major scientific conference in April 2001, demonstrated remarkable effects. 

Q. What foods are sources of nutrients that support joint health? 
A. Foods high in vitamin C, such as several fruits and vegetables, are important because vitamin C is vital to the body's development of connective tissue and ligaments, skin, bones, and blood vessels. The body cannot make its own vitamin C, so absorbing adequate amounts through diet and supplementation is crucial.

Cream 3.4 oz

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