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Bios Life2 - Natural

Bios Life2 - Natural

Bios Life2 - Natural
Bios Life2 Natural Ingredients
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Bios Life 2 a good source of dietary fiber that may help you lower your blood cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. The matrix of dietary fibers helps block the reabsorption of bile acids from the intestine back into the system. In turn the body mobilizes more cholesterol to produce the bile acids, thus lowering overall body cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.Bios Life 2 features a proprietary matrix of fibers under patent. 

Another important ingredient in Bios Life 2 is ChromeMate, a unique form of the essential nutrient chromium. It contains oxygen-coordinated, niacin-bound chromium (polynicotinate), which is a highly bioavailable form of this nutrient. In addition, Bios Life 2 can also help curb your appetite by giving you a pleasant full feeling when taken before meals. It is a natural way to control your appetite while nourishing your body with important nutrients needed for multiple systems. 

Bios Life 2 also contains antioxidant vitamins C and E, which have been proven to protect cells from free radical damage. It also supplies key nutrients such as betacarotene, calcium, zinc, and a complex of B vitamins that promote the body's overall health and well-being. 

Another important benefit of Bios Life 2 is its ability to lower blood sugars. It works to smooth the after-meal glucose peaks as well.
About 60 servings per canister

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