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Bios Life C Packets

Bios Life C Packets

Bios Life C Packets
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Bios Life C is a natural nutrient and fiber drink that combines four different approaches to lowering harmful cholesterol. This unique formula is patented by Unicity and cannot be found in other competing products.

Bios Life C Works 4 Ways
  1. Helps to block re-absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal tract
  2. Helps to block absorption of cholesterol coming from food you digest
  3. Reduces cholesterol production in the liver
  4. Speeds enzymatic breakdown and removal of bad cholesterol
Bios Life C effectively works to decrease the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing the level of HDL (good) cholesterol through its natural, patented formula.
It also helps to stablilize blood sugar, an added benefit for both diabetics and those with borderline high blood sugar. There are many other natural supplements that claim to be just as good at lowering cholesterol. But you need to be a smart consumer. . .

Here Are SEVEN Questions You Need To Ask Before Choosing Your Supplement:
1. Is Your supplement listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR)?
    Answer: Bios Life met all the high standards it takes to be included in the PDR.
2. Has your supplement actually been tested in a clinical trial on human subjects?
    Answer: Bios Life has been proven effective in several human clinical studies.
3. Was your supplement's clinical trial good enough to be presented to the American Heart
     Association (AHA)?

     Answer: Bios Life's impressive, positive results were presented to the AHA Convention
     in April 2006.

4. Does your supplement have more than one way to lower cholesterol?
     Answer: Bios Life has four mechanisms for lowering cholesterol. Its formula is unique
     and patented by Unicity. You can't get it anywhere else.

5. Does your supplement have any effect on blood sugar?
    Answer: Bios Life is proven effective in helping to control blood sugar peaks and valleys
    by slowing the rate of carbohydrate absorption.

6. Does your supplement have a proven track record of safety?
    Answer: Bios Life studies showed no serious side effects similar to statin drugs. 
7. Does your supplement lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol?
    Answer: Bios Life reduced bad (LDL) cholesterol by 31% and raised good (HDL) cholesterol
    by 29% on average. That's an impressive amount!

Improve the levels of cholesterol in your body and you'll lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. A majority of heart attacks are preventable. Your decision to start Bios Life C today may be the biggest factor in determining the quality and length of your life.

60 packets/box

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