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Aestival Protective Moisture Cream

Aestival Protective Moisture Cream

Aestival Protective Moisture Cream
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Aestival Protective Moisture Creme will help protect the skin after you've thoroughly cleansed and moisturized your delicate facial skin. Fortified with essential oils and antioxidant vitamins, Aestival Protective Moisture Creme is designed to guard your skin from environmental effects and to help rehydrate, retexturize and restore your skin for a smoother, younger-looking appearance. 

Protective Moisture Creme features the GlycoActive® System, antioxidant vitamins and a water-based, non-greasy formula. No artificial dyes.  Aestival products are never tested on animals. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. If I suffer from oily skin, will the Protective Moisture Creme add too much moisture to my face? 
A. The Aestival Protective Moisture Creme is non-greasy and water-based, and the cream only contains oils that are essential to the health of all skin, whether it's prone to oiliness or not. You should not experience any additional oiliness from using this product; however, if you do, cut back on the amount applied during each usage.

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