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Aestivál Facial Cleansing Gelee

Aestivál Facial Cleansing Gelee

Aestivál Facial Cleansing Gelee
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Begin your facial care regimen with Facial Cleansing Gelee, an effective and gentle cleanser that loosens and removes topical dirt, debris and makeup. This special cleansing formula is perfectly pH balanced to protect against moisture loss and to prepare the skin for the other synergistic Aestival formulas. 

Safe for all skin types, Facial Cleansing Gelee features a blend of botanical extracts, essential oils and the GlycoActive® System. No artificial dyes. Aestival products are never tested on animals. Facial Care Strategy: When caring for your delicate facial skin, be sure to include the skin on your neck in your daily regimen. Like your face, your neck endures stressful environmental conditions and is virtually always exposed. Protect this highly visible skin by providing the same special care as you provide for your face. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. Can the Facial Cleansing Gelee be used to remove eye makeup? 
A. Our Facial Cleansing Gelee is designed to remove makeup that has been applied to your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. It should not be used on your eyes. Exercise caution when using Aestival products around your eyes and avoid contact with your eyes. If this should occur, simply rinse with cool water. 

Q. How much time should I put aside for the entire Aestival facial treatment? 
A. A five-step process was developed because it only requires a minimal time commitment on your part and enables the active ingredients in each unique formulation to work synergistically, enhancing and building on each other's effectiveness. The entire program takes only about five minutes to use. 

Q. If I don't use all five steps, will I still see positive results? 
A. You may find that you are particularly fond of one step or another, but we highly recommend that you use the entire system to achieve maximum results in a minimal amount of time. Each step is designed to work synergistically with the other four steps to yield maximum results. 

Q. How is the aloe vera gel in the Aestival facial care products processed? 
A. Aloe vera gel found in Aestival products is cold pressed, meaning it has not been subjected to heat of any type. We have chosen this process to protect the aloe's active properties. Once this extraction process has been completed, the aloe vera gel is blended with purified water to provide a soothing water-based formula.


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