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Weight Control
Weight Control Just Became Easier With Bios Life Slim

Weight Control Just Became Easier With Bios Life Slim

Losing weight can be a hard struggle, but it has gotten a lot easier with Bios Life Slim!  Slim is a truly unique weight loss/weight control system.  Take Bios Life Slim (now called Balance Cholesterol in the packet form)  twice daily before meals, and for even better results add Lean Complete Vanilla or Chocolate as a meal substitute once a day. 
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Category Products

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Bios Life Slim CanisterBios Life Slim CanisterBios Life Slim is the revolutionary fat loss product to help you achieve your health goals. Has approximately 62 scoops in bulk canister form. Free shipping
Bios Life Slim Canister - Unsweetened, UnflavoredBios Life Slim Canister - Unsweetened, UnflavoredBios Life Slim Unsweetened, Unflavored comes in a bulk canister form. About 60 scoops per canister. Free shipping
ChitoRichChitoRichNatural ingredients such as desert cactus, ocean crustaceans, and aloe vera combine in this powerful supplement to reduce the absorption of fat calories. 180 Capsules Free shipping
ChromaToneChromaToneChromaTone helps you maintain normal weight and normal energy metabolism. Buy 3 for free shipping 90 Capsules
Cleanse TeaCleanse TeaRelax with our soothing, aromatic blend of ginger, lemongrass, and licorice. Cleanse Tea cleanses your body by gently supporting the natural removal of waste and excess water. Buy 3 for free shipping
Complete Chocolate With SteviaComplete Chocolate With SteviaNew Complete Chocolate with Stevia, free of artificial sweeteners, sucralose, and soy products. One month's supply
Complete Vanilla CanisterComplete Vanilla CanisterNew packaging for the Complete Vanilla Bulk Bag. A delicious high protein meal replacement with essential vitamins. Free shipping
Complete Vanilla VeganComplete Vanilla VeganVegan vanilla formula, gluten free.
EquaLeanEquaLeanWhite kidney beans, ginseng, and citric acid combine in this newly reformulated EquaLean to reduce the absorption of carbohydrate calories and energize your body. Free Shipping 240 Capsules 
Lean Control SystemLean Control SystemThe Lean Control System includes a 30-day supply of ChitoRich, EquaLean, PowerBurn, and Cleanse Tea. This system does not include the meal replacement. Free Shipping
Power BurnPower Burn
Energize your body and burn more calories with a powerful blend of Brazilian yerba mate, black tea, guarana, and chromium.
180 Capsules
Unicity Balance CholesterolUnicity Balance CholesterolReplaces Bios Life Slim Packets-new name, new packaging but the same product. Balance your system, lose stored fat. Free Shipping.
Unicity Balance GlucoseUnicity Balance GlucoseReplaces Bios Life Slim G Packets-new name, new packaging but the same product. Helps balance glucose, cholesterol and reduce stored fat. Free Shipping. FREE BLENDER 
Unicity Complete Vanilla - 20 SachetsUnicity Complete Vanilla - 20 SachetsThe new packaging for the Unicity Complete Vanilla now comes in 20 count individual sachets for convenience. Just open packet and mix with skim milk or water. Free shipping
Unicity Core PackUnicity Core PackCombine three products-Balance Cholesterol, Matcha Energy, and Complete Vanilla meal replacement. FREE SHIPPING 
Womens Health Shoppe 20 Oz Blender BottleWomens Health Shoppe 20 Oz Blender BottleGenuine Blender Bottle 20 oz with a wire whisk for blending ingredients. BPA free, dishwasher safe. Great for mixing the Balance and Bios Life products. 
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