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Xxtra Fitness Nutritionals
Better Physical Performance Can Be Achieved

Better Physical Performance Can Be Achieved

Better physical performance and quicker recovery after exercise is possible with our family of Xxtra Fitness Nutritionals. LoOz replenishes the body quickly of lost electrolytes, and adds antioxidants and needed nutrients back into the system. Power Generation supplies the nutrient needed for a pre-workout energy boost.
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Category Products

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LowOz™LowOz™LowOz gives you rapid electrolyte and energy replacement lost during workouts. It provides a blend of essential electrolytes, energy-efficient nutrients, and antioxidants that are quickly absorbed by the body. Buy 2 for free shipping. 16 Packets
MyoCap®MyoCap®This is a post-workout recovery blend. This exclusive blend of nutrients promote recovery after training and exercise. Buy 3 for free shipping. 60 capsules
Power GenerationPower GenerationThis formula has ingredients that promote better physical energy and mental focus. Has a blend of 4 four proprietary herbs, amino acids, and other nutrients.
QuadPlexQuadPlexQuadPlex® gives your body 28 grams of powerful, highly absorbable, efficiently metabolized proteins. It also gives you 50% of the daily needs of 14 vitamins and minerals. Buy 2 for free shipping. About 20 servings
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