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Homeopathic Remedies Based on Natural Medical Science

Homeopathic Remedies Based on Natural Medical Science

Calmplex for a natural defense against stress and anxiety is our most popular homeopathic remedy. Orarex maximum care formula as also a really popular item.
Homeopathic Category Products

Homeopathic Category Products

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Calmplex 2000Calmplex 2000A safe, natural defense against stress and insomnia. Calmplex 2000 creates a relaxing sensation, without side effects or risk of dependence. Use either during the day for stress or at bedtime. Buy 2 for free shipping 60 chewable tablets
Defend OlDefend OlDefend Ol's original blend of botanicals and minerals works in harmony to help provide temporary relief from everyday exposure to environmental effects. Buy 2 for free shipping. 60 fast dissolving tablets
Orarex ToothpasteOrarex ToothpasteMuch more than an ordinary toothpaste, Orarex is a homeopathic medicine that provides systemic treatment of sensitive and bleeding gums, pyorrhea, tooth decay and mouth odor. Cleans your teeth and gums. Buy 4 for free shipping
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