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EnJuvenate Canister

EnJuvenate Canister

EnJuvenate Canister
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EnJuvenate Formula has anti-aging properties

Enjuvenate comes in a delicious rich chocolate drink. It is designed to support lean muscle mass, improve vitality, and help promote cellular growth. These three features are important for its anti-aging action.

Contains the following 
1. Enrich Super Protein Complex - supports lean muscle mass
2. Enrich Regenerative Complex - Contains  antioxidants to fight against free radical damage
3. Enrich Pituitary Complex - helps promote cognitive funtion and a younger you

Certain compounds are produced by the pituitary gland at different times throughout a person's life. These are essential for growth and regeneration of cells and tissues. Some specialists in anti-aging medicine believe that regaining the ability to create these compounds or even introducing these compounds to a person deficient in them may have the effect of a "Fountain of Youth!"
The body's production of some of these molecules is very high during childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately, after age 20 the release of these products by the pituitary gland falls at a rate of approximately 14 percent every 10 years. By age 60, a loss of 75 percent or more of these compounds is not uncommon. The physical symptoms such as wrinkles, increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy and other signs that normally accompanies aging can be linked directly to this decrease in the production of these important biomolecules.
Secretagogues are supplements that work with your body to regulate the natural production of these important molecules. As the body creates more of these products, research has shown that many of the symptoms of aging may be reversed. Enjuvenate provides the body with these supplements.

1.32 lb Canister

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