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ChromaTone is a product that can help in two popular fitness goals of weight management and strength training. Today's "fitness frenzy" is perhaps one of the healthiest and most widespread societal trends of our century. ChromaTone is a dietary supplement that contains Gymnema sylvestre, Papaya and Chromium Polynicotinate, a superior form of chromium, a unique blend of ingredients 

ChromaTone supports your body’s ability to convert blood sugar into energy. It helps you maintain a healthy body weight by promoting normal energy metabolism. Studies also indicate that chromium, when combined with appropriate exercise, has positive muscle-tissue building and toning properties.

Chromium chelate is ChromaTone’s key ingredient. Chromium is an essential cofactor for the hormone insulin, which helps regulate the metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Chromium has also been shown to help increase the sensitivity of the compounds responsible for glucose transport.

Papaya leaf is a digestive aid with enzymes that help break down protein, carbohydrates, and fat to a digestible state. Papaya also helps the body retain the maximum amount of nutrient value from a highly selective or restricted diet.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. Why is chromium so important to the body’s systems? 
A. Chromium allows the body to function more efficiently. This allows for better use of stored energy in the body. 

Q. Can anyone take this product? 
A. ChromaTone is formulated to be used by adults. If you are pregnant, lactating, under a physician’s care, taking medication or a diabetic, you should consult your physician before use. Read the product packaging carefully for complete dosage instructions before using this product. 

90 Capsules 

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