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ChitoRich® when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, allows you to live your life sensibly. 
  • Reduces Excess Fat Absorption
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Twice As Effective As The Original ChitoRich Formula

Be honest. Sometimes your greatest dietary temptation is freshly baked cookies or desserts. Unicity has good news. Say goodbye to your strict no-fat, no-fun diet. Our innovative, new and improved ChitoRich reduces your body's excess fat absorption while supporting healthy digestion. ChitoRich is created from the most potent fat reducing ingredients extracted from nature's richest resources, including desert cactus, ocean crustaceans, aloe vera, and broccoli. Make ChitoRich part of your balanced nutrition routine, and help yourself to an occasional dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: Why is the new ChitoRich formulation better? 
A: The new, improved ChitoRich contains not only chitosan, a fat-binding fiber derived from shellfish, but also NeOpuntia, an extract from the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica that also binds to fat. With the combination of chitosan and NeOpuntia, ChitoRich can now bind twice as much fat as the old formula. 

Q: Is there anyone who should not consume the new ChitoRich? 
A: ChitoRich is not recommended for people who have shellfish allergies or for pregnant or lactating women. 

Q: Can I take ChitoRich with other supplements? 
A: Because ChitoRich helps the body eliminate fat without fully digesting it, it is recommended that you take ChitoRich two hours before or after taking any fat-soluble supplements. 

Q: When should ChitoRich be consumed? 
A: ChitoRich should be taken with meals that contain fat. 

Q: If I consume a meal that contains more fat, can I take more ChitoRich? 
A: Yes. If you are consuming a meal high in fat, you can take an extra capsule or two.

180 capsules 

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